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Applicants must have earned the following to be considered for admission:

  • High school diploma. A minimum average of 75 percent is required and rank in the top half of the class is preferred.
  • GED with a score of 250 or better. Students who have earned the GED on the basis of college credits must present the GED and supporting college transcript(s).

All candidates (includes those with a GED) must have either one year of Biology and Chemistry at the high school level or one semester of each at the college level.

High School Units Must Include:

Number of Years
Social Studies

Foreign-Educated Applicants:
For those candidates educated outside of the United States, a high school equivalency diploma may be necessary. The equivalency diploma may be waived if the candidate possesses a baccalaureate degree from a foreign institution of higher education where instruction is conducted in English. Oral and written English comprehension skills may need to be demonstrated by further examination such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The minimum acceptable score on the paper and pencil TOEFL exam is 550.

Services for Individuals with Disabilities:
Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing is dedicated to the elimination of architectural and other barriers that prevent any qualified person from attending. The School will provide reasonable accomodations in the form of auxiliary aids and services for students with disabilities. The School will determine on a case-by-case and course-by-course basis whether a need exists, based on documentation, and what accomodation(s) is appropriate. Please contact Bernice Pass-Stern, Assistant Dean and 504/ADA Compliance Coordinator in the Office of Student Services on the Fourth Floor of 776 Sixth Avenue, New York, New York 10001 or call (212) 614-6114. Information shared is held in the strictest confidence.

• Applicants are selected following a comprehensive assessment of their previous academic achievement, personal and professional experiences.

• Based upon an evaluation of the candidate’s academic credentials and past achievement, the Admissions Committee reserves the right to enroll the candidate in either the two year or the three year option, or to recommend the ATOP program.

• All candidates will receive a decision from the Admissions Committee in writing within three to four weeks following the interview.

• All accepted candidates must submit a $200.00 non-refundable tuition deposit by the deadline stated in the decision letter; otherwise, acceptance will be canceled.

Admission Deferment:
Students unable to register for classes in the semester for which they are accepted may opt to postpone their admission into the program. Admission deferment requests should be submitted in writing to the Chairperson of the Admissions Committee. After the Admissions Committee reviews the request, an admission deferment may be granted for a period of 6 to 12 months. In some cases, the Admissions Committee may stipulate conditions to the deferment decision.

An applicant seeking readmission should submit a letter in writing to the Admissions Committee requesting consideration for reacceptance into the program. A candidate applying for readmission must document that the reason(s) for withdrawal have been addressed. Each applicant seeking readmission will be evaluated on an individual basis, and the Admissions Committee will determine eligibility to re-enter the program. A student dismissed for academic reasons will be allowed to reapply only once. If reaccepted, the individual will be expected to follow the admissions process and meet admission requirements as delineated in the current catalog. Readmitted students must adhere to all current school policies.

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