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National League for Nursing (NLN) Pre-Admission Exam
Application Information Fact Sheet

Who must take the NLN PAX?
All applicants applying for admission at Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing (even those with prior baccalaureate and advanced degrees) are required to take the exam.

What is the NLN RN Pre-Admission Exam (NLN PAX)?
The NLN PAX is a three-part, three-hour, multiple-choice exam covering high school level verbal skills (vocabulary and reading comprehension), mathematics (arithmetic, algebra and geometry) and science (general science, biology, chemistry and physics). The NLN PAX for RN programs is a reliable predictor of your potential success in a registered nursing program. Nursing schools nationwide use the NLN PAX test results to assist them in making admission decisions.

When should an applicant take the NLN PAX?
You should take the NLN PAX at the earliest possible date, once you have prepared for the exam. Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing must receive all completed documents, including NLN PAX test results (NLN PAX Performance Report), no later than April 1st.

All exams are computer based at this school.  You will receive your results immediately after the exam.

How can an applicant prepare for the NLN PAX?
Study guides are available only from Jones & Bartlett. More information is available on the NLN's website at You may also want to review high school textbooks or regents review books for 9th and 10th grade Math, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Free online test preparation also is available at

How does an applicant register to take the NLN PAX?
1. Go to the NLN's registration site for the PAX-RN at

2. The exam fee is $35.00. Payment must be made by credit or debit cards only.

(a) After you register online, you can print out your Admission Permit, which you
must bring to the exam, along with a photo ID.  Please
note that walk-in registration the day of the exam will not be permitted.

3. Once you have applied to take the NLN PAX exam, your application fee is non-refundable. If you need to reschedule your exam, please contact NLN Customer Service at 800-732-8656; there is a full $35.00 fee for rescheduling an exam, unless you reschedule three (3) weeks or more before your scheduled test date. In that case, there is a $15.00 rescheduling fee.

NLN PAX Performance Report
In order to be considered for admission into Phillips Beth Israel school of Nursing, candidates must obtain a minimum composite norm score in the 55th percentile. A minimum verbal score in the 45th percentile and minimum 65th percentile in the math and science sections is recommended. NLN evaluation scores are valid for two years.

It is strongly recommended that you allow yourself adequate preparation time prior to taking the test so that your score can appropriately reflect your knowledge in the subject areas tested. The National League for Nursing will not score more than one Pre-Admission exam per examinee within a 6-month period.

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